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Leadership Training Association

The Leadership Training Association (LTA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992. Its objective is to create an environment conducive to personal development of young executives to serve the community. Ever since, the Association has organized Leadership Training Course (LTC) on an annual basis where different aspects of quality leadership have been introduced. Experiential learning and group activities are used extensively as the vehicles to convey key concepts of leadership to participants of the courses.

Nurture future leaders

A unique feature of the course is the ability to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing society. This is achieved by delegating the organization and execution of the course to the graduates of previous year. Through which, the graduates of the course will become the pillars of the Association armed with fresh ideas that can reflect the requirements of the community for leaders of the new generation.


Young Executive

Highly participatory training methodology for personal development of young executive  

Among the various initiatives, a group of young people saw the need for Hong Kong to develop a conducive environment to facilitate personal development of young executives in preparation of the challenges ahead. Initiated by Mr. Daniel Lam, a new member of the Committee on Hong Kong Future of the Overseas Graduates Association in 1990, the idea of organizing a leadership training programme based on highly participatory training methodology for personal development of young executive captured the attention of a group of return graduates, many of whom became pillars of the decade long initiative. It was believed that the provision of quality training to young executives would facilitate their acquisition and subsequent development of the necessary leadership concepts and skills to assume the economic and social responsibilities of Hong Kong. It was also envisaged that the experience gained together with the network developed would eventually facilitate the young people to interact with the community in a positive way.

Institute of Cultural Affairs

The structure and methodology of the training programme was based on the highly acclaimed experiential learning model developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, a world-wide, private, non-profit organization based in the United States of America aim to develop and implement methods of individual, community and organizational development.

The Overseas Graduates Association

The novel idea was enthusiastically supported by Mr. S. G. Tam, Chairman of the Committee on Hong Kong Future of the Overseas Graduates Association where he secured the generous financial sponsorship from Dr. W. K. Lo, Managing director of Computer Products Asia-Pacific Ltd (currently known as Artesyn Technologies Asia-Pacific Ltd) for the proposed month long programme. The training programme offered was designed to be not-for-profit, but self-sufficient, the availability of financial sponsorship early in the programme development stage not only alleviated concern on cash flow but also reduced the training fee charged substantially.

The Leadership Training Alumni

Under the leadership of Mr. Alan Kwan, a young engineer graduated from Oxford who participated in the first "Leadership Training for the 90's", the Leadership Training Alumni (LTA) was established in July 1992 by graduates of the Leadership Training Courses of the previous years. Founded as a not-for-profit organization with the objective in creating a conducive environment for personal development of young executives to serve the community. Participants of the Leadership Training Courses were eligible for application of membership of the Alumni upon completion of the training programme. The Leadership Training Alumni Ltd. is registered as a limited company with the Annual General Meeting being the highest authority where the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and members of the Executive committee are elected to represent the interest of its members. The AGM also make a number of honorary appointments including the Honorary Advisers, Honorary Legal Adviser and Honorary Auditor.

The Leadership Training Association

The Leadership Training Alumni Ltd. was renamed as "The Leadership Training Association Ltd" in 1994 as members believed the new name would provide the organization with a wider prospective.

Over Three Thousand Strong

The Leadership Training Course has just entered its twentieth anniversary. It is certainly beyond the expectation of those who initiated the program in 1990 that the momentum can be sustained for over the decades. There are over two thousand young executives gone through the Leadership Training Courses offered by the Leadership Training Association over the past 30 years. The future of the Association is to be shaped by some of these young people who shared the vision and values of LTA. The Leadership Training Association is much in debt to its founders, sponsors, advisors and dedicated members over the years who have made LTA what she is today.