Executive Committee

What is Executive Committee(Exco) in LTA?

LTA, as a non-profit-making organization, requires a group of facilitators to push forward new initiatives, connect with external partners and coordinate different resources within LTA. The Executive Committee shoulders that responsibility as volunteers.

Ex-co is selected through election each year. Each LTA member can nominate past alumni and cast their vote.

From right to left: Samuel Lui, Lance Cheng, Daniel Wong (Chairman), Leo Chu, Martin Lam

Executive Committee 2024

Hi! We are the Executive Committee of the Leadership Training Association! 

The world is facing different challenges everyday, and a great number of them do not have a reasonable or well-known solution: Global Warming, Economic Crisis, Aging Population, Deflationary Technologies, Digital Dictatorship, and much more. We believe HKer need to exercise their inner leadership to navigate ourselves through the storm ahead of us.

Inspired by the social movement in 1989, LTA has been organising leadership training course continuously for over 30 years, preparing our future leaders for the upcoming changes in HK. We, as the Ex-co of LTA, will carry the banner and continue to nurture the next generation of leaders for HK!

Lastly, to all our potential leaders, please remember: There is always a great leader in all of us. When the moment comes, we need to stand for ourselves, and shoulder the responsibilities as part of HK. With great leadership, HK shall become a better place. Believe in ourselves!

Daniel Wong
Chairman of LTA

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