Leadership Training Course

Leadership Training Course (LTC) is a non-profit making course organized annually by the Leadership Training Association (LTA) with 28 years of history. Our mission is to create a conducive environment for personal development of young executives to serve the community.

LTC 2018 is comprised of 1 opening ceremony, 11 workshops and 2 camps covering various topics relating to leadership. It is an opportunity to practise leadership skills through experiential learning, an unique channel for professional networking across diversified industries and team building.

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Leadership Training Course 2018 Theme - "Education and Learning in the Age of AI"

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence, such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, threatens to replace knowledge-based works currently performed by professionals. This situation could change the importance on some of the competencies for which our current education system emphasizes. The knowledge acquired may no longer be adequate for our students to face the actual world of business. But what exactly our students required to acquire have yet to be defined.

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Leadership Training Course 2018

LTC 2018 is tasked to explore some of these unanswered questions; To be officiated by Ir. Dr. Lo Wai-Kwok, Legislative Councilor and LTA sponsor and senior government official; the Leadership summit as an essential element of LTC2018, is to be hosted by distinguished academia and senior business executives from both traditional and leading AI / IT sectors to explore with participants on some of the most pressing issues at hand and their visions for the way forward. A series of interactive workshops, discussion forum and facilitated research is to be followed in subsequent months which would lead participants to a better understanding of this complicated issue and explore possible solutions in a collaborative manner, ...

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LTA Leadership Summit 2018 Panel 1 – Education, What’s Next?

Photo on left (From left to right):

Ms Ayee MAN, Moderator

Dr SUEN Wai Mo, Chief Executive Officer, ClusterTech Limited

Mr HO Wing Ip, Supervisor, Evangel College

Ir CHU Tsz Wing, Chief Headmaster, St.Hilary Primary School

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LTA Leadership Summit 2018 Panel 2 – Digital Workforce - Opportunities Or Threats?

Photo on left (From left to right):

Ms Emily So, Moderator

Mr Francis KWOK, Founder, RADICA and PopSquare

Dr Ir Anthony LO, Acting Director, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Ms Eliza NG, Director, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited

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LTA Leadership Summit 2018 Panel 3 – Learning in a Changing World

Photo on left (From left to right):

Ms Cassei Chan, Moderator

Ir KWAN Wing Keung, Assistant IT Director, The University of Hong Kong

Mr Jeffrey IP, Co-founder and Chairman, Design for Change Hong Kong

Ir L. M. CHOW, Chief Executive Officer, Zero Carbon Building

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The Leadership Training Association (LTA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1992. Its objective is to create an environment conducive to personal development of young executives to serve the community. Ever since, the Association has organized Leadership Training Course (LTC) on an annual basis where different aspects of quality leadership have been introduced. Experiential learning and group activities are used extensively as the vehicles to convey key concepts of leadership to participants of the courses. + More

Nurture future leaders

A unique feature of the course is the ability to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing society. This is achieved by delegating the organization and execution of the course to the graduates of previous year. Through which, the graduates of the course will become the pillars of the Association armed with fresh ideas that can reflect the requirements of the community for leaders of the new generation. + More