The Leadership Training Course that doesn't care about your title

We believe that influence does not necessarily derive from the authority in a title, but from how you appreciate and make use of your role in whatever context you’re in, be it in your company, in this rapidly changing world, or in your own life.

More About the Leadership Training Course

LTC provides a platform for participants to learn through reflection on doing; experiential learning through various group activities followed by in-depth discussions.

It aims to encourage the participants to develop an interest in leadership and realize areas of improvement through active participation, practice leadership skills that can be applied in their daily life and at work, to be more adaptive to the fast-changing world.

3,000+ young executives trained

17 esteemed advisors

30+ years of experience

High support staff-to-participant ratio

What makes LTC different?

Continuous training that does not end with the 3 months course

An entry point to LTA and the initiatives it manages across the year, including advanced training programmes

A continuing sandbox for young executives to exercise and refine their leadership skills

Facilitation Training

Conductor Training

Widen worldview by interacting with our established network of both supportive peers…

Learn to lead, co-ordinate and support teams of differing backgrounds and personalities, build a network of supportive peers who are on the same path

Discuss, learn from, and be inspired by our esteemed list of advisors

which incl. Legco members, CEOs  and professionals

What's in the Course?

70+ hours of face-to-face team-based experiential training (10 workshops + 2 camps)

Lifetime access to LTA activities & advanced leadership training (upon annual membership renewal)

Theme of the year

Each LTC would explore a topical issue of the society to help stimulate young executives to think at a more macro, strategic level, this year we explore the disruptive arrival of generative AI and how it impacts the future of work.

Key Course Content

What is Leadership

When challenges require adaptive solutions, what makes a leader in this day and age?

The Art of Influence

Learn about your own and others' default social styles and how to interact with them

Strategic Planning & Execution

Strategy vs. tactics, and how to execute them?

Team Building

What makes a team and what's your role within?

Course Schedule

Who is LTC for?

We welcome anyone who is interested in building up their leadership skills or getting hands-on experience on team-building, but priority will be given to applicants with:


Application Deadline: Sep 10 (First come first serve!)

Standard Fee

HKD 5,999

Companion Fee

HKD 4,999

Fee per person for 2 or more participants applying for the LTC in the same year

Corporate Sponsorship

Separate package available upon request for company-sponsored participation