Leadership Training Course 2020

Theme of the Year: Globalization 2.0 - A New World Order

Spectacular economic growth was achieved over the past four decades largely attributed to the globalization initiative led by the United States and it’s allies which has bettered the lives of billions. However, the Trump administration adopted protectionism policies, including imposing a more stringent terms and conditions with increased tariffs with China, Europe, Japan, Korea and other trading partners. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 could be the last straw that broke the camel’s back as far as globalization is concerned.

  • With the US abdicating it’s leadership role would globalization be able to continue its course or would protectionism become mainstream politics?

  • Would China’s belt and road initiative be able to further globalization with minimum US participation?

  • What is the role of Hong Kong in this turbulent time and beyond?

Admission Criteria

Priority will be given to applicants with:

  • Age between 25 and 35

  • 3 years of work experience or more

  • Tertiary Educated

Course fee: HK $5,999 ONLY

What is Leadership Training Course?

Leadership Training Course (LTC) is a non-profit making course organized annually by the Leadership Training Association (LTA) with 30 years of history. Our mission is to create a conducive environment for personal development of young executives to serve the community.

The LTC is comprised of 10 workshops and 2 camps covering various topics relating to leadership. It is an opportunity to practise leadership skills through experiential learning, an unique channel for professional networking across diversified industries and team building.

Training Method

LTC provides a platform for participants to learn through reflection on doing; experiential learning through various group activities followed by in-depth discussions.

It aims to encourage the participants to develop an interest in leadership and realize areas of improvement through active participation, practise leadership skills that can be applied in their daily life and at work, to be more adaptive to the fast changing world.

Leadership Summit 2020

Leadership Summit serves as an empowering kickstart to the Leadership Training Course (LTC) that the Leadership Training Association (LTA) organizes annually. The Summit aims to explore urging topical issues of the society to inspire young future executives to think at a more macro, strategic level.

Stay tuned! More details will be announced here soon!

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It is an inspirational and a “whole-person” training.

LTC provides a very good platform to grow our young talents. The approach and content of this intensive program are able to develop our employees all round. It embedded conceptual with experimental learning. The soft skills, like leadership, communication, collaboration and trust are all applied in the learning activities.

Candy Chau, Training and Development Manager - Asia, Human Resources, Artesyn Embedded Power


Talented people are resourceful and prepared for anything.

The courses from LTA helps participants to fulfill their potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like team building, strategic planning, decision making and more. Providing a leadership program, you can give employees a way to hone their skills to grow professionally while strengthening both your team and your company.

Samson, Senior Vice President, Creative and Product Development, Cherrypicks Alpha