For any successful company in Hong Kong, the investment in good people becomes one of the factors for the sustainable growth in businesses, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd understands the importance and necessity of good leadership profoundly, so we started to encourage and sponsor our staffs to join in LTC training of Leadership Training Association HK since 2003, the LTC providing an interactive platform for the trainees and trainers, to transfer the knowledge in the functions of different roles of duty, e.g. Leader, Follower, Communicator and …etc, which enable and stimulate them to cope with situations of day to day work. Moreover, the purpose of networking also widens the vision of the trainee for their future leadership development.

We will continue to endeavor for the leadership build-up of our organization, LTC training is definitely one of choices to be deliberated.

Daniel Yau, General Manager of Commercial and Electrical Division of Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong

(Trainee of LTC 2003 with Best Participant Award)

At Long Data Technology, we treasure the personal growth of our employees and leadership development is one of our key training focus. Each year, we will nominate high potential colleagues to join LTC as it does not only offer a wide spectrum of leadership topics, it also enables our staffs to think and learn deeply through intensive intra- and inter-team exchange environment. With the positive feedback from our nominated staffs, we will continue sponsoring our staffs to the course.

Mr. Manfred Lai, Service Delivery Manager, Long Data Technology Limited

We have the great honour to becoming the sole sponsor of the 'LTC 2010', the course was very helpful to our young executives in the various aspects of management skills and working insight.

SMT has sent 8 young executives attending this valuable course in the past 2 years. Surprising echoes from the course were generated from our colleagues all in all after completing the whole course, and they have gained lots of specific personal exposure from LTC. It further enhances theirs all-rounded abilities, not only of integrative leadership & managerial skills, but also human relationship as well as individual networking development. Different from exam-oriented learning, that kind of contextual learning let all participants being very impressive. After every single graduation, they have unique concept of 'leadership', and have well prepared for their future we supposed.

We earnestly hope & recommend that all young executives can join & learn from 'LTC 2010'. Seize the chance of personal development!!!

Mr. Augustine Lai, Senior Manager (Human Resources & Admin.) Surface Mount Technology (Holding) Limited